Monday, September 21, 2009

Texas Wedding Photography - Jeremy Gilliam

You know what they say, everything is bigger and better in Texas. I believe it. We have gorgeous events here in Texas and it still surprises me when eventeurs bring in talent from other states. Mind you, I love all my event brethren, but I want to show you some of the best Texas has to offer. This week we are featuring photography. Take a look at the bride below: only in Texas can you find such beautiful blue bonnet fields.

Our first feature is on Jeremy Gilliam, based out of Dallas-FortWorth area, available to travel world wide. You can visit his website and more awesome photos here. You can follow him on twitter here. He specializes in Awesome as proven below.
Email: studio @ jeremygilliam dot com
Phone: 972.272.2780

How did Jeremy Gilliam Photography come to be?
Someone gave me a 35mm Konica film camera about 12 years ago and I started taking photos casually, as a hobby. I became fascinated with the medium and began learning what photography is all about. As I traveled I would take photos of buildings and landscapes, but I was always drawn to take photos of people to tell a story or capture emotion. Then about six years ago I shot a wedding for a friend who couldn't afford a photographer and that inspired me to want to start my own business. We had just moved to Dallas where we didn't know anyone. Starting from nothing was difficult, but my wonderful wife Sarah was so supportive and within my first year I shot over 25 weddings and we have just grown from there.

How would you describe your style?
Inspired by light. It’s photojournalism with a fashion edge and a touch of cinematic drama.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?
Sharing in and documenting one of the happiest days of my clients' lives. There is so much emotion, stress, drama, joy, and not to mention the fashion and the details that are unique to each wedding. I know that they will look at these photos forever and it such an honor to participate in such an event.

How many people shoot for Jeremy Gilliam Photography?
I am the primary photographer for Jeremy Gilliam Weddings. I also use a select few professionals as second photographers.

What is the starting investment for a wedding?
Full wedding coverage starts at $3,600. Which includes includes wedding coverage by myself and another professional photographer, the reprint rights to the digital negatives, and a fun engagement session.

Anything else we should know about Jeremy Gilliam Photography?
We specialize in awesome.

Childhood Ambition?
To be an astronaut. How cool would it be to be in space? I still hope that some private company makes it possible to travel to space, sign me up!

Dream Vacation?
Traveling through Europe with my wife, visiting castles during the day and breweries at night. Staying at a bed and breakfast on the Amalfi coast, getting a couple's massage while looking out on the Mediterranean Sea. Yeah, that would be nice.

Last time you laughed until it hurt?
Don't think less of me, in the movie: "The Hangover"

Favorite part of the wedding day?
I always love when the bride walks down the aisle for the first time. There is so much emotion at that moment, the groom is looking at her and her father is giving away his baby.

Your target wedding client?
Clients who are fun, creative people that like to have a good time. Since I am passionate about photography, I love it when my clients are excited to collaborate with me to create artistic memories of their wedding day.

Favorite animal at the zoo?
My dog Caesar. He belongs in a zoo, because he is crazy.

Can't live without?
My Xbox, you know what they say about all work and no play...

Hidden talent?
Swing dancing. If you play Benny Goodman or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at your wedding, I may have to put my camera down for a few minutes and cut a rug.

Guilty pleasure?
The Twilight series...Did I say that out loud?
Jennifer says: yes, you did!

Best compliment ever received?
One of my first clients said that every time she looked at her album, the photos made her cry. That's my highest goal at a wedding, to tell the story in photos in such a way that it brings back memories and emotions of the day.

If you weren't a photographer, what would you be?
A travel writer. I can't write, but I do love to travel, so I'm halfway there. But seriously, I would probably be a youth speaker. My faith means a lot to me and I love to encourage young people to follow their dreams.

Describe your perfect day?
Waking up with coffee and pancakes. Making some pretty photos with tasty light. I am all about watching movies, so catching a movie with Sarah and some friends.

Thank you Jeremy, I loved learning more about you.

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