Friday, July 28, 2006

My favorite wedding movies

Here are my favorite movies with references to weddings in them. What are yours?
10. The Wedding Planner - cute, who can't love Jennifer Lopez that year. She had the triple crown of entertainment back then. No 1 movie, No 1 single, and No 1 album. It's not that easy and I wish I looked that good working an event.
9. The Wedding Banquet - A little deception in the reception - FUNNY. This movie is by Ang Lee. The jist of the story is the groom is gay and agrees to a marriage of convenience to pacify his parents. Parents show up and it is a barrel of laughs from there.
8. Wedding Crashers - Although I don't have any experience in wedding crashers, I was impressed by the story line and laugh my way through the whole thing. I heart Vince Vaughn and he quirks and manner of speaking.
7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding - someday, I will write a short story about My Big Fat Mexican Wedding. Enough said, My Big Fat (insert your culture here) Wedding. We've all been there and done that.
6. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - I love musicals and this is not a miss. The eldest brother goes into town to find a wife and convinces her to marry him in the same day. This movie is from 1954 and I remember watching this with my grandma one summer. Who knew I would remember this and have in a top ten list.
5. Bend it Like Beckham - First off, I love the music in this movie and who can resist all the references to Beckham, king of soccer. The story centers around a girl who wants to play soccer, but will not be able to find a suitable husband acting like a boy. Secondary story line is the sister whose wedding on, off and on again. Again, great music - I highly recommend it.
4. It Had to Be You - can you hear the music now? Ginger Rogers has a serious case of cold feet. If nothing else, she has fabulous wedding gowns for her many trips down the aisle. This movie is from 1947. The modern version is Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts.
3. Father of the Bride - New version with Steve Martin - Don't know what to say. "I want the cheaper chicken" comes to mind. Love this movie!
2. Wedding Singer - I was a teen in the 80's and I love just about everything about this movie - the Burt and Loni references, the music, the clothes!! I am big SNL fan and Adam Sandler had me at I Do.
1. Muriel's Wedding - My all time favorite movie about a gal who just wants to get married. Go out and rent this today.

Teaming up with District Attorney Susan Reed to raise funds for the Rape Crisis Center

We are pleased to announce we are teaming up with Bexar County District Attorney, Susan D. Reed and the Rape Crisis Center for their 2nd annual fundraiser: "The Many Faces of Healing" Art Fund Raiser.

Everyday the Rape Crisis Center for Children and Adults is helping meet the needs of sexual assault victims, their families and the community at large. A full service agency that addresses prevention, education, crisis intervention, counseling and advocacy. The Center is now in its 31st year of operation.

This year's Benefit will be held at The Alameda Theater. It is an art auction consisting of more than 75 pieces of original artwork donated by local artists and a specially designed masks, depicting healing from trauma.

To donate to The Rape Crisis Center click here. Please keep an eye out in the media for updates.

"The Intent of the Heart" is a book created by survivors, friends and loved ones. Created by individuals attempting to work out their pain and healing through art, poetry and written word. Proceeds from each book sold benefit the RCC in order to continue the healing process. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book, please contactThe Rape Crisis Center for Children and Adults at(210) 521-7273. Copies are also available Border’s Bookstore in the Quarry!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Themed parties are SO MUCH FUN!

Here are some pictures from a private birthday party on Thursdsay, July 2oth. We had the pleasure of celebrating with Valentina (LOVE that name). She turned 35 and wanted a pre-emptive strike before she got closer to 40. Doesn't she look great in this photo. Entertaining in your home is great, when you use the space properly. Most of the event took place near the pool and we constructed a small tent to the side of the property.

We love celebrating with you, whether it is a baptism, wedding, quinceanera or birthday.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bridal Bandit Captured

Unfortunately, this story hits home. Mrs. George was our client who married in early June. Although we take every precaution with your personal belongings, we just can't be in two places at once. This was very distressing for us and we are pleased the bandit has been captured.

Here is the news story copied from WOAI's website:

Alleged Bridal Bandit CapturedLAST UPDATE: 7/19/2006 6:36:28 PMPosted By: Mandi Bishop
Many things can go wrong on your wedding day. The photographer is late. You have a bad hair day. You never expect to be robbed!

Police say they caught a local thief targeting brides. News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooter Brian Collister is breaking the story of the alleged "Bridal Bandit."

"When I came to the conclusion that it only could have happened at the wedding, I was just in disbelief," said recent bride Karen George. She didn't just get married on her wedding day, she also got robbed.

She's in disbelief because, during her ceremony, someone snuck into the bride's dressing room and stole her credit cards and cash.

"This was an uninvited guest that had invaded our special day, in a church, a place or worship," George explained.
It turns out, this uninvited guest has been showing up at a lot of weddings around San Antonio. No one put it all together until a dedicated detective figured it out. She came across this bridal bandit while investigating a report of a stolen credit card being used at a local restaurant.

Live Oak detective Anita Seamans told us, "When I found that the credit card was stolen at the church that I worship at, it hit close to home. As I do with all my cases, I prayed over it and did my best."

Detective Seamans spoke to her pastor, who told her the credit card was stolen during a wedding. So, the detective set up a hidden camera at the next wedding.

"It didn't take long. About 3 1/2 minutes into the ceremony, me and another female officer observed a female walk into the room and go to each of the purses," recalled Detective Seamans. She could not believe what she was seeing on tape, which she cannot release until the Bridal Bandit goes to court.

"I was standing there watching it happen on videotape and still kept repeating out loud, 'I cannot believe she is doing this. I cannot believe she is doing this.' I could not believe that anyone would steal from God's house and during the most joyful day in someone's life, which is their wedding."

It was Stephanie Bonette's wedding.

"This is not supposed to happen at my wedding," Stephanie told us. "This is not what your wedding is supposed to be like." The bridal bandit stole her credit cards. Stephanie did not know until after the ceremony, when she was approached by the detective.

Stephanie remembered, "She comes up to me very calmly and pats me on the shoulder and says, 'There's been a robbery.' I said, 'What?!' I think my jaw dropped."

Police say the bridal bandit is a woman named Robin Neafie, 30. Neafie is charged with stealing credit cards, but that's not all. Police later searched Neafie's apartment and found 18 credit cards, and receipts tying to purchases bought with those cards. Those items include Coach purses, an Ipod, palm pilots, a digital camera, SD cards for the digital camera, and DVD movies.

They also found wedding announcements with notes and directions written on them. Some of those date back to 2002.

Stephanie gave us her thoughts on the alleged suspect.
"I think she is the most horrible and vile person on the face of the earth. This is the most special day in someone's life, and she is just coming in and destroying it."

Police tell us Neafie is out of business. She is out on bond, but was unreachable for comment. If you've been hit by a bridal bandit call Live Oak Police at 210-653-0033.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Destination Weddings are all the rage!

...........For us anyway...........We have been working hard (even though we were sitting on a beach) on expanding our destination weddings. We have been working on 3 specific locations: Italy, Spain, and Bora Bora. We also have destinations in Mexico - but those come naturally to us.

We just negotiated a fabulous destination wedding to Lake Como, Italy. We cannot wait until September for our trip to Italy to work on the details. This villa is located in Bellagio, Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy. Wow, that is certainly a mouth full. We have been in search of the perfect place and we just needed to secure all the details. Take a look at these amazing pictures. This will be a grand wedding for our San Antonio Royalty. Shh - it's a secret.

If you are interested in a destination wedding, we have locations in Italy, Spain, Everywhere. As we expand out destination locations, we will let you know. I wonder when I am in Lake Como, will I see George Clooney or his friend Brad Pitt who allegedly frequents his villa?
Little known fact about me: I attended school in Rome way back in the Spring of 1990 - probably my best college year. I took art and architecture, literary tradition, western civilization, theology and philosophy of man. I know, I digress. I hope at least one of my children attend UD and attend school in Rome. Way back, I was great with Italian. I just found my Italian - English dictionary, not so good anymore. I will be working on this and giving my passport a work out.

We are currently seeking wedding professionals who can travel with us: photography, design (floral & decor) as well as video. Please call us or refer your wonderful vendor.

Do you remember this scene? Amazing!!

I'm going to college - Again!

I enrolled in a summer course at UTSA. It is to brush up on my graphic design skills. We also have a sister company, Isabel's Paper Boutique. Our requests from our clientele have gotten more graphic intensive. Before, the focus was the medium, the paper. Now it is not only the paper but the design. If you know anything about me, I already been in school so much and it's been awhile (1996). We'll see how I do. Class starts tomorrow.

We have done so much letterpress these past two months, it is not waning. It is so popular, we now do letterpress here in San Antonio. Before, we would send it to a "master printer" in Austin and one in Washington state, but we have a great letterpress here in our workspace. It has taken a lot of learning but the work is amazing. We started out with an old antique hand Adana press. We started with business card size and we are now fully mechanized.

We are honored to serve people from all over the nation with their paper needs. We love talking about paper: from Italy, from Nepal, from Thailand, from Spain...the list goes on and on and on.

Monday, July 17, 2006

10 Tips for the Bride & Groom

So I am on a roll this week with my list of 10 things.
  1. Define your budget and stick to it! Overestimate if you're not sure. You'll only be happier in the end if you end up with extra cash! Don't forget to budget for hair, makeup, attendant gifts, etc. These things add up and the sooner you get a handle on your entire budget, the better. Don't forget it is all in the details, so if you remember your hair and makeup, don't forget the postage for the rsvp envelope. All those little things add up. Email us for a wedding expense sheet and we'll send it right to you. It is a great tool when working on your budget.
  2. Get the guest list out of the way as soon as possible. Many couples find this task the most challenging part of planning a wedding. Once you know your anticipated head count, you can then search for a hall, favors, etc. Some reception halls hold less than 150 people, whereas others won’t do a wedding for less than 200 people.
  3. Print out everything you’ll need for your wedding day before the big day. This includes directions, readings, vows (if you’ve written your own), instructions for the bridal party, etc. Also, gather everything you need for your honeymoon such as flight confirmations, maps, or passports. Be packed and ready to go to save yourself from having to do it after the wedding. Even if you’re not leaving for your honeymoon right away, you’ll be glad to have this extra time to unwind!
  4. Have a wedding checklist. You can create your own or get one from one of the many bridal websites or magazines. There are countless details to remember, so don’t expect to keep it all in your head!
  5. Try to split the duties between you and your fiancĂ©. Don’t try to do it all your self! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You selected them because they’re close to you and more than likely they will be all too eager to lend a hand. For example, make or order dinner for your bridal party and ask them to come over and help you put together favors or invitations. Making it a party atmosphere can be a fun way to enjoy their company while getting some wedding projects finished!
  6. Get a large binder with pencil bag to hold all of your important wedding information, such as contracts, magazine clippings of flowers, dresses, tuxes, hairstyles, etc. Having it all in one place will save you a lot of time. It also will serve as a great memento for you to look back on to remember your days as a wedding planner! If you go to our sister site, Isabel's Paper Boutique, you can find wedding binder tabs for sale. These are great. If you are a client of A Regal Affair, you will receive these with your binder.
  7. Keep a database of your guest list. Include names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as gifts and thank you cards. You also can indicate who is invited to your shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties and who is sitting at what table.
  8. Make a list of songs that you want played at your wedding, but also make a “do not play” list for the DJ or band. This will give your music provider a better idea of your tastes so they can better customize your selections. Make sure to pick songs that appeal to a variety of generations. One or two songs that only the two of you have ever heard is ok, but keep in mind that you have a lot of people there who want to dance, too!
  9. If you’ve inviting kids to your wedding, consider putting together a goodie bag for them to open at the reception. Include things like candy, glow in the dark jewelry or wands, and small games or toys. It will not only keep them busy, but also make them feel special and included. If you are having a particular type of food, it will help to also have some kid friend food availble. Some caterers don't have issues preparing some chicken nuggets or chicken tenders, other client's of ours have had us pick up McDonald's or Chik-fil-A. I know, it's not beef tenderloin, but my own kids are happy with Mickey D's chicken nuggets.
  10. Most importantly, take time during your wedding reception for you and your new spouse to step back and observe your wedding reception. It’s one of the only times in your life that you’ll ever have everyone you love in the same room, so make sure you soak it in!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

10 Wedding Traditions and Their Meanings

  1. Engagement Rings – The tradition of an engagement ring as a sign of betrothal dates back to a time when gold rings were used as currency. A man gave a woman a ring to signal that she could be trusted with his property. In the 19th century, diamonds and other gems became more popular as engagement rings. Now the diamond solitaire ring is the most popular choice for engagements.
  2. Wedding Bands – Brides and grooms have exchanged rings as a symbol of unity since primitive times. Rings symbolize eternity because they have no beginning and no end. Wedding rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand because that is where the vena amoris, a vein running from the finger directly to the heart, was thought to be. The vena amoris, as it was later discovered, does not exist.
  3. Bridal Showers – The custom of throwing a wedding shower for the bride-to-be started in Holland. If a woman’s father disapproved of the man she wanted to marry, he would refuse to give her a dowry. The people in the village would then band together and “shower” the woman with gifts to help her start her new home. Another custom in the 1890s involved hiding presents in an umbrella. When the bride-to-be opened it, she was “showered” with gifts.
  4. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen – Traditionally, bridesmaids were the siblings and unmarried friends of the bride. They would help her get dressed for her wedding and move all of her belongings to her new home. But more importantly, the bridesmaids and groomsmen had the responsibility of making sure the bride and groom arrived to the ceremony safely and not be befallen by evil spirits or evildoers. That is where the tradition of dressing the same came about, to make the bride and groom indistinguishable from the rest of the bridal party.
  5. Bouquets – The bouquet of flowers carried by the bride traditionally symbolizes fertility, life, and growth. Some brides choose flowers based on their meaning. Red roses, for example, mean “I love you” and Violets mean “modesty.” The first bouquets were not actually flowers, but were herbs. Their strong aroma was thought to ward off evil spirits.
  6. Wedding Cakes – The tiered wedding cake we know today originated in Elizabethan times. Small, sweet buns were stacked as a centerpiece by the guests. The bride and groom made a game of trying to kiss over the mound. French chefs in the 17th century began frosting the stacked buns to hold them together.
  7. Weddings Toasts – In 16th century France, it was customary for noblemen to “drink to” a lady by placing a piece of toast in a cup of wine and passing it around. The last lady to receive the cup got to eat the toast and would then receive the compliments of everyone in the room. This practice formally became known as a “toast.”
  8. Wedding Favors – Favors also can be traced back to Elizabethan times, when it was customary for brides to hand out lace or ribbon to guests as a show of gratitude.
  9. Throwing of the Garter & Tossing of the Bouquet – In the 14th century, the bride’s garter was a well sought-after prize. So much so, that guests would immediately rush the altar following the ceremony. The bride would then take off her garter and throw it to protect herself from getting mobbed. Nineteenth-century American brides would throw a small bouquet to each bridesmaid, one of which contained a hidden ring. The bridesmaid to catch the special bouquet was thought to be the next to wed.
  10. Honeymoons – The “moon” in honeymoon refers to ancient beliefs that the moon was a symbol of fickleness, always changing. The “honey” in honeymoon refers to mead, or metheglin, a fermented honey drink. The bride and groom consumed this drink for the length of the moon’s cycle (thirty days) so they could forget about the rest of the world and concentrate on each other. The thought was that things could change in a month’s time, so the bride and groom spent time getting used to one another on their “honeymoon.”

Source: The Bride: A Celebration by Barbara Tober, Longmeadow Press, 1984

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A look back at a wedding from last October

These photos are from my sister's wedding, Christie in October of 2005. I am posting these pictures because I wanted to show you shouldn't be afraid of mixing your colors and I wanted to show off the ottomans. This was a classic Mexican wedding, with our favorite Tex-Mex food provided by Anne Marie's Catering. The favors were a book of Mexican wives tale. Everything was very bright. Yours truly was responsible for the entire design concept. The florals were provided by Melissa White of Botanika. These photos were taken by Donna Seelig for Anne Marie's catering. Marcus Revilla Photography took the photographs for the wedding. Some day soon, I will post some of those pictures. Their work is amazing! The cake was by Cathy Young - who else!?

Now for the real reason I am posting these pictures: I am showcasing the lounge furniture, because we now have 6 (qty) 4 ft. x 4 ft. ottomans to rent for your own event. Currently, the colors we have in stock are mango, raspberry, chocolate and apple green. Give us a call if you are interested. We can match your event colors.