Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm going to college - Again!

I enrolled in a summer course at UTSA. It is to brush up on my graphic design skills. We also have a sister company, Isabel's Paper Boutique. Our requests from our clientele have gotten more graphic intensive. Before, the focus was the medium, the paper. Now it is not only the paper but the design. If you know anything about me, I already been in school so much and it's been awhile (1996). We'll see how I do. Class starts tomorrow.

We have done so much letterpress these past two months, it is not waning. It is so popular, we now do letterpress here in San Antonio. Before, we would send it to a "master printer" in Austin and one in Washington state, but we have a great letterpress here in our workspace. It has taken a lot of learning but the work is amazing. We started out with an old antique hand Adana press. We started with business card size and we are now fully mechanized.

We are honored to serve people from all over the nation with their paper needs. We love talking about paper: from Italy, from Nepal, from Thailand, from Spain...the list goes on and on and on.

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Anonymous said...

Are you considering hiring a free lance graphic designer? I will be sending you an email