Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My favorite blogs

Part of being a good blogger, besides blogging with frequency is given kudos to fellow bloggers.

So here is a list of blogs I read with frequency. Some of these are related to events, but some aren't...so you will seem some crazy stuff here.

Gossip blogs. None other than Perez Hilton. I used to check others out, but Perez has really blown up and actually improved over the last year, so Mario Lavandeira: good job.
Here is a tip - Perez lists a lot of cool new music my ears would have never heard of except for his blog.

Wedding blogs:
The Wedding Bee
The Bride's Cafe (look for a feature on us soon)
Southern Wedding Style
Planning Forever Events
Parisian Party
Life Mosaics
Blu Door Studios
Photography by Vanessa
Perez Photography Blog
A Magical Affair
The White Box