Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Destination Weddings are all the rage!

...........For us anyway...........We have been working hard (even though we were sitting on a beach) on expanding our destination weddings. We have been working on 3 specific locations: Italy, Spain, and Bora Bora. We also have destinations in Mexico - but those come naturally to us.

We just negotiated a fabulous destination wedding to Lake Como, Italy. We cannot wait until September for our trip to Italy to work on the details. This villa is located in Bellagio, Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy. Wow, that is certainly a mouth full. We have been in search of the perfect place and we just needed to secure all the details. Take a look at these amazing pictures. This will be a grand wedding for our San Antonio Royalty. Shh - it's a secret.

If you are interested in a destination wedding, we have locations in Italy, Spain, Everywhere. As we expand out destination locations, we will let you know. I wonder when I am in Lake Como, will I see George Clooney or his friend Brad Pitt who allegedly frequents his villa?
Little known fact about me: I attended school in Rome way back in the Spring of 1990 - probably my best college year. I took art and architecture, literary tradition, western civilization, theology and philosophy of man. I know, I digress. I hope at least one of my children attend UD and attend school in Rome. Way back, I was great with Italian. I just found my Italian - English dictionary, not so good anymore. I will be working on this and giving my passport a work out.

We are currently seeking wedding professionals who can travel with us: photography, design (floral & decor) as well as video. Please call us or refer your wonderful vendor.

Do you remember this scene? Amazing!!

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