Monday, July 17, 2006

10 Tips for the Bride & Groom

So I am on a roll this week with my list of 10 things.
  1. Define your budget and stick to it! Overestimate if you're not sure. You'll only be happier in the end if you end up with extra cash! Don't forget to budget for hair, makeup, attendant gifts, etc. These things add up and the sooner you get a handle on your entire budget, the better. Don't forget it is all in the details, so if you remember your hair and makeup, don't forget the postage for the rsvp envelope. All those little things add up. Email us for a wedding expense sheet and we'll send it right to you. It is a great tool when working on your budget.
  2. Get the guest list out of the way as soon as possible. Many couples find this task the most challenging part of planning a wedding. Once you know your anticipated head count, you can then search for a hall, favors, etc. Some reception halls hold less than 150 people, whereas others won’t do a wedding for less than 200 people.
  3. Print out everything you’ll need for your wedding day before the big day. This includes directions, readings, vows (if you’ve written your own), instructions for the bridal party, etc. Also, gather everything you need for your honeymoon such as flight confirmations, maps, or passports. Be packed and ready to go to save yourself from having to do it after the wedding. Even if you’re not leaving for your honeymoon right away, you’ll be glad to have this extra time to unwind!
  4. Have a wedding checklist. You can create your own or get one from one of the many bridal websites or magazines. There are countless details to remember, so don’t expect to keep it all in your head!
  5. Try to split the duties between you and your fiancĂ©. Don’t try to do it all your self! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You selected them because they’re close to you and more than likely they will be all too eager to lend a hand. For example, make or order dinner for your bridal party and ask them to come over and help you put together favors or invitations. Making it a party atmosphere can be a fun way to enjoy their company while getting some wedding projects finished!
  6. Get a large binder with pencil bag to hold all of your important wedding information, such as contracts, magazine clippings of flowers, dresses, tuxes, hairstyles, etc. Having it all in one place will save you a lot of time. It also will serve as a great memento for you to look back on to remember your days as a wedding planner! If you go to our sister site, Isabel's Paper Boutique, you can find wedding binder tabs for sale. These are great. If you are a client of A Regal Affair, you will receive these with your binder.
  7. Keep a database of your guest list. Include names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as gifts and thank you cards. You also can indicate who is invited to your shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties and who is sitting at what table.
  8. Make a list of songs that you want played at your wedding, but also make a “do not play” list for the DJ or band. This will give your music provider a better idea of your tastes so they can better customize your selections. Make sure to pick songs that appeal to a variety of generations. One or two songs that only the two of you have ever heard is ok, but keep in mind that you have a lot of people there who want to dance, too!
  9. If you’ve inviting kids to your wedding, consider putting together a goodie bag for them to open at the reception. Include things like candy, glow in the dark jewelry or wands, and small games or toys. It will not only keep them busy, but also make them feel special and included. If you are having a particular type of food, it will help to also have some kid friend food availble. Some caterers don't have issues preparing some chicken nuggets or chicken tenders, other client's of ours have had us pick up McDonald's or Chik-fil-A. I know, it's not beef tenderloin, but my own kids are happy with Mickey D's chicken nuggets.
  10. Most importantly, take time during your wedding reception for you and your new spouse to step back and observe your wedding reception. It’s one of the only times in your life that you’ll ever have everyone you love in the same room, so make sure you soak it in!

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