Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Texas Wedding Photography - Ashley Palmero

Today we feature an up and coming wedding photographer based in San Antonio. One of the great things about our industry is the new talent. As a season event professional, one of the most important aspects of my work is finding the next best thing. Folks, simply stated, Ashley Palmero of Picture Me Married is our next best thing in San Antonio. We've had the privilege or working with a lot of great photographers and I like to bring them in from other cities. I am swooning over Ashley and her work. (I LOVE her business name)

I am often asked what are some key things to consider when signing with a photographer? My answer is always the same: obviously the work but more importantly, is the photographer easy going enough for you to relax and does he/she play well with others. As a client, you will be pleased with Ashley's work. As a wedding professional, you will be happy to collaborate with her to make the magic happen.

Ashley's work can be seen on her website. Be sure to visit her blog. Follow her on twitter.
Email: ashley {at} picturememarried {dot} com
Phone: 210.373.6856
Ashley is passport ready; available for destination weddings

How did Picture Me Married Photography come to be?
I have always loved weddings, I'm definitely one of those girls that has been "dreaming" about my wedding since I was 12 but I had never even considered shooting them because it seemed so scary! One day I told my husband that I just needed to try it once. So just a week later I was able to shoot a wedding with another photographer and fell in love! It was a perfect fit - I love weddings and I love photography!

How would you describe your style?
My style is natural and fun. I want my brides to look at their photos and feel as though they are re-living their wedding day!

What is your favorite aspect of the job?
I have so many! This job is amazing! As a wedding photographer you are able to be a part of the most exciting day of someone's life!

How many people shoot for Picture Me Married Photography?
I am the only lead photographer for Picture Me Married. I have a group of professional photographers that I use as my 2nd shooter.

What is the starting investment for a wedding?
$1600 which includes wedding day coverage from 2 photographers and an engagement session!

Favorite part of the wedding day?
I love photographing the "getting ready" shots but my absolute favorite is tied between the speeches and the father-daughter dance, I usually shed a tear or two behind the camera! Don't worry, I keep shooting!

Greatest length to get the perfect shot?
Something about having my camera in hand makes me feel quite invincible - I will usually climb on or balance myself on anything I can!
Jennifer chuckles and says: I too feel quite invincible on the wedding day. I feel like I can make anything happen.

Childhood Ambition?
To be a photographer or Miss America.... but I can't sing, dance or even speak on a stage so I guess Miss America just wasn't in the cards! ;)

Dream Vacation?
Traveling around the world with my husband and my camera!

Last time you laughed until it hurt?
About 30 minutes ago! My crazy husband, Nan, keeps me laughing everyday!
Jennifer says: Nan is awesome! You're so lucky! You two will conquer the world.

Favorite animal at the zoo?
Elephants! They're so amazingly huge - I love them!

Can't live without?
My camera, of course! Moments are fleeting, I take so much pleasure in capturing them!

Hidden talent?
I can cross one eye and leave the other straight. It's quite gross - I will spare you the picture! ;)
Jennifer: LOL, I must see this super human trick, maybe we should call David Letterman?

Favorite quote?
Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

Best compliment ever received?
Other than being featured on this blog? I'd have to say when a bride tells me that not only is she in love with her photos but she loved having me at her wedding. I love my brides and want them to enjoy their day to the fullest but as most brides know, your wedding day flies by and it's hard to even remember who you saw. For a bride to say she loved having me there means a lot.

If you weren't a photographer, what would you be?
Miss America? No, I honestly don't know what I'd be doing. I've worked in Investments and enjoyed it but this is my life!

Describe your perfect day?
Going for a morning walk on the beach with my dog, Clunkers. Lunch and shopping with my girlfriends and spending the evening with my husband. I'm pretty easy to please!


Tanya said...

Awesome! Wonderful piece on Ashley Palmero ... she seems like such a fun and down-to-earth gal! I'm already married, but this post just makes me wish I was getting married just so I could hire her!!! =)

Christine said...

Absolutely love her work. Can't wait to call her up when I need engagement photos!

Krystal said...

great piece on Ashley!! she is a wonderful photographer and person!! I personally did not have the pleasure of her shooting my wedding which I WISH I had!! but I have had the wonderful experience of her shooting my family and I not only love love love my photos but receive countless compliments on her work!!