Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary :: to me!

The business of weddings has brought me a lot of satisfaction over the years. I don't ever make wagers on how long this or that couple's marriage will last. One: it is in poor taste. Two: I believe in love.

I believe in love so much often times I sit here, full of love and just stare at him, my husband. I look around in our home and see our kids who are all the same and yet so different and who just bring us joy. There are moments that we are busy and just stop and look at each other and we tell each other I love you with just a look. (I know this is getting sappy) It is those moments, when a kid does something and we look at each other and just smile. It is the moments, in the craziness of every morning getting 5 ready for school when he stops and gives me my morning kiss... I have my hands in someones ponytail while he is trying to wrangle Diego into washing up and going to school (btw, Diego is tired everyday and doesn't want to go to school everyday) all the while yelling at the teenagers to get up for the 15th time.

I love being in the business of weddings, because I truly want my brides to have the long and lasting love I have been blessed with. When I see a young couple who remind me of us, you can bet I have bust out the tears at their wedding. Lucky me I am in the back of the church and I use waterproof mascara.

We have opposing schedules, I work during the day and he at night. We have 5 kids, so we are busy at any given time...but we make time and we show each other love. We don't have to schedule date night, we don't even know what that is. Our date night is everyday and we relish it. It is the small things that we do to show each other love and we show love in front of our children. When we watch a movie at home with the kids, we sit together - I so love that. When we eat dinner, I am always on his right, no matter where we are. There is the light touches, hand on my arm or mine on his as we walk by each other in the house, in the laundry room, the kitchen, in the yard, planting my four fruit trees. Anyway, before I get too sappy: Happy Anniversary.

Here are just few of my fave things about Jaz:
  • I love your arms, I always feel loved and safe in your arms. Thank you for putting them around me several times a day
  • I love that you are a great father with the patience of a Saint.
  • I love that you clean the kitchen. It's just not my thing and I KNOW how lucky I am. I will continue to cook whatever you want as long as you touch the raw chicken.
  • I love that you can fix all kinds of things - you have earned your man card (inside joke)
  • I love that you are so generous with my charitable projects. I know you didn't plan on marrying a bleeding heart social worker who wants to save everyone. I love that you instill these same values in our kids.
  • I love that you support my entrepreneurial spirit and all that comes with it.
  • I love that you listen to 80's music almost everyday.
  • I love that you are the ultimate Cowboys fan. They ARE America's team.
  • I love our babies...we've made beautiful babies.
  • I love that my family loves you and can rely on you. That when my parents call for help, they call us, not just me.
  • I love that we tag team the kids.
  • I love that you keep it real.
  • I love that you accept me for who I am :: the good and the bad, the quirks and the not so quirky.
  • I love that you show me love all the time.
  • I just love you.

our family portrait from Nov 2007. I just love the cooperation. This is typical us... I hope to post an update to this photo someday soon.

Back row: Jaz, Jennifer, Francisco, Alejandro

Front row: Isabel, Antonio and Diego (laying down, because, again, "he's tired")


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Eliana@BYSE said...

I just love the portraist and post Jennifer. Congrats!

Elite Bridal Concierge said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!! I love this post.

Howerton+Wooten Events said...

I LOVE THE FAMILY PHOTO!!! Who needs a picture of a perfect family -- What you have in that photo is a life and a family with their own personalities. Cherish that one forever! It made me smile.

Love & Soul Always, Kay

Andria Lewis said...

I love this, Jen! So sweet! Congratulations on your anniversary.

Melissa said...

OMG! Ya'll look fabulous and of course the kids adorable. This is what i have to look foward to with family photos huh? Haha. Happy aniversary from a previous bride of yours and still 'sappily' in love!

SEOcopy said...

How cool is that. A happy woman who loves her life her husband and her kids. Excellent picture, now I see why you know so much about the cowboys you write about them in your blog! lol I am glad I dropped by.