Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lovely Wedding

I was surfing the net like I always do and came across an Austin photographer I had never heard of before - and I work there all the time!!! They have nice pictures in case any of your are interested....but the best thing I found was this post on their blog. It is a non-traditional wedding they shot on 7/07/07. What a day, and I too, like the blogger, wonder how many people were married that day. I love the minister's shirt. It is a spin off quote from a movie that I can't recall the name.
They are Serendipity Photography. You can check them out here. Appears to have great quality and the starting commission is amazing. $1000. Check them out soon before that rate goes up.


Vanessa B. said...

Is the movie Castle Rock or something like that? I know what you mean about the quote. Gosh, it is on the tip of my tongue.

Anonymous said...

It is the movie Needful Things.