Thursday, July 26, 2007

Changes are coming to Texas Marriage License Laws

Changes are coming our way.......but don't worry, you have time to plan. Changes are effective September 2008.

Our 80th Texas Legislature passed a new law doubling marriage license fees in an attempt to curb the divorce rate. On a positive note, if you take a state - approved 8 hour premarital course, your $60 license fee is waived.

This course will cover topics such as conflict management, communications skills and other key components of a successful marriage.

Couples who do not take a course will still be able to get a license, but will have to pay the full $60 plus local fees. Marriage licenses will continue to be issued by each of the county courthouses and be valid throughout the state of Texas.

To read more detail and a list of our State's counties please visit this resource at the Wedding Guide. This is also a nice site to look for local wedding professionals in San Antonio or Austin.

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