Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Support this flowershop

As many of you know - I like to put in my community awareness and political views on my blog every know and then. I had the good fortune of working with this company for a short period of time and have been meaning to post about this unique flower shop.

Vaseful is a unique floral business which provides competitive employment to people with disabilities. As you all know, working with people with disabilities has been something I have done for 15 years. Although I left the field 4 years ago, I continue to support various organizations in our community who provide supports to this population.

Vaseful serves the following areas in New Jersey: New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Highland Park, East Brunswick, Milltown, Piscatawy, Cendall Park, Princeton and Somerset. I know many of you are wondering why I am posting it on this blog, which serves Texas...Well, we hold events all over the world and our readers come from all over as well. Plus, you can call Vaseful to send your FTD floral arrangement and know your purchase helps support people with disabilities.

I have heard from good authority they do great wedding flowers. I personally visited this floral shop May 16th and was touched. I know that there is some entrepreneur out there who can come up with a similar concept to assist in the employment of people with disabilities.

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Lisa Cauthorn said...

Jennifer-What a great idea! Now you need to help my find someone to fund it. Lisa