Monday, May 21, 2007

Fundraising for Non-Profits

I have been working very hard on a National fundraiser for three organizations, RAINN, TAASA and RCC. All very worthy and all in need of additional funding. It is official. We kicked off the fundraiser with a host committee luncheon last Wednesday, May 16th at Club Giraud (the best private dining club in San Antonio). Anita Perry our First Lady of Texas was guest of honor and speaker, along with John Steen, my co-chair of the host committee and Lynn Blanco, Executive Director of the Rape Crisis Center for Children and Adults.

We walked away with $90k start up for the event. Our event is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26, 2007. Our awards recipients are:
  • Spurs Sports and Entertainment, Peter Holt
  • Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott
  • McAfee CEO, David DeWalt

We are geared up and ready. Look for more details to come. Table sponsorships are available and will be posted soon. I am trying to finalize details and get a committment form George Strait. If you all have a personal contact with him, please ask him to say yes!

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