Sunday, October 04, 2009

Make a Statement at your Wedding

Styled by Jordan Payne Events, photo by F8 Studio

I know what you're thinking, that is a lovely centerpiece. YES, it is! I originally was going to talk about hiring a florist / designer with some vision, but in the end I know what makes beautiful photographs (and it isn't just in the eye of the photographer)

While opulent centerpieces, luscious linens and walls washed in colored lighting make for beautiful pictures, what really makes a photographer happy is photographing happy brides and grooms. When the stress of wedding planning shows on your face, no amount of decor and wedding bling will make your pictures look great. When the bride and groom are enjoying themselves, so will everyone else. If something went awry and the centerpiece or cake is off a little, don't obsess: it will show up in the pictures. Besides, you just married the man of your dreams.

When the love the is there, it shines through.

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Sheila said...

THANK YOU for saying this. Please brides: relaxz! better yet, hire Jennifer or another coordinator to take the load off. You will be so relaxed and enjoy yourself. When I look at your through my camera lens, I want to see you smiling.