Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Summer Olympics - go team Argentina!

bare with my rant......

We've never seen an opening ceremony quite like what China has done. Words cannot describe, I was glued to my seat, for all of it, even the parade of flags which just goes on and on and on....

If you didn't see it, you really missed out. I watched and TIVO'd it in High Def (I heart HDTV). I noticed so many NBA players carrying the flag for their countries. Our favorite: Manu Ginobli.

We've seen Michael Phelps win his first gold and Dara Torres win her 10th medal. I was really rooting for her to come from behind in the relay. We can't wait for more swimming!

We set our alarm and woke up to watch Manu and Fabricio of team Argentina play Lithuania. Manu really busted out his classic run and gub playing style and staged a late rally in the 4th, but they lost 79-75. I am up now watching team USA play Yao Ming and his countrymen. I have to say, I was surprised when I started rooting for the Chinese team. I just loved it when Kobe's shot was totally STUFFED by Yao Ming. You know, you just can't let years of being a die hard Spurs fan, Laker Hater, and hater of so many other teams and players just fall to the wayside. So hate mail, I welcome you, but I am rooting for team Argentina and NOT for team USA.

I love the commentators remarks about team unity and there are no superstars on this USA team. Is the air quality that bad in Bejing that he thinks he is talking to a band wagon basketball fan. While I think Chris Paul of the Hornets is amazing, I could care less about Kobe Bryant - ugh, Carmelo Anthony - barf, Jason Kidd of the Mavericks - blech, Carlos Boozer and Deron William of the Jazz - double blech.... To me they will still be players of other NBA teams I don't like. Oh, and please, the biggest crybaby of them all coaches - Mike D'Antono formerly of the Suns, now with Knicks (good luck with THAT one).

Speaking of other teams I am against - Spain - home of brothers Marc and Pao Gasol who plays for the Lakers and Germany, home of the Mavericks Dirk Nowitinski.

So come on Spurs fans - rise up and support team Argentina and pray Manu comes home without an injury.


Anonymous said...

Well Said!

D. Harris ;)

Chace said...

Oh JEN! You've got the sportscasters talking about this one. ROCK ON

tamra said...

Girl! You are a riot. No hate mail coming your way, not yet anyway. Isn't it amazing how they just love Kobe overthere, ewww, gross.