Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stay! Brent! Stay!

I just wanted to send a shout out to my friends, Erin and Brent Barry and let them know this die hard Spurs fans wants him and his family to stay here in San Antonio.

When I heard on the news last week that Brent had been traded, I was standing in my kitchen and about fell over. I was sorely disappointed and upset with Spurs management, but I understand business is business. I just hope it is not too late and this great family will stay. I can't imagine my beloved # 17 could play with Shaquille O'Neal and Steve Nash - oh! the HORROR!
Anyway, the Barry's are a great family for our city. They committ a lot of time to community issues, especially those involved with children. I also have to give them big kudos for helping out last Fall with the Rape Crisis Center's Partners for Change event. Brent Barry's Blue Ribbon assist made a very nice donation and also secured a nice donation from HEB.
So Spurs fans, let it be heard. Stay! Brent! Stay!


Anonymous said...

I think Brent is staying. At this point, no news is good news for us. Perhaps he is waiting until he can come back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen - way to go out on a limb for Barry. We're all glad he stayed! still loving the blog