Thursday, June 14, 2007

Go! Spurs! Go!

Love these two, Spurs fans were scarce on Tuesday in the Q, but we will be there in force tonight.

Do you think Peyton will be there tonight...I would luv to get his autograph.

Well, All wedding related posts will just have to wait as I prepare to leave for Cleveland, Ohio in 1 short hour. I couldn't miss the fourth and final game of the 2007 NBA finals. I will be carrying a small broom with me on the plane. Since it is a private plane, do you think bringing a broom will be a problem? Do you think if I manage to get it on the plane I can take it into the Q Arena?

Anyway, I'm off, look for me on the floor of the arena when the Spurs when. If we happen to lost tonight, this post will self destruct and I will be so upset as I have to visit my Father for Father's day instead of going back to Cleveland for Game 5.

I couldn't find a picture of Eva at game 3 so this is from Game 2. Check out her shoes. My personal favorite, Mary Jane peep toe platforms by Christian Louboutin. HOT!

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