Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thank you note writing tips

I get so many requests regarding Thank you notes. I always say to get it done as soon as possible. I love receiving written correspondence and I do my best to send it very soon after an event; otherwise, it just doesn't happen.

I started to put some of my thoughts down, then a colleague of mine today mentioned to just send them to the Crane website. Honestly, I hadn't done this in some time, so I did a quick google search and here we are. I have copied the following info from Crane. com and hope you will visit them for other etiquette questions for stationery.

Writing Tips:
Finding a personal note or letter waiting for us at the end of the day is always a pleasant surprise. Letters from friends and loved ones are special gifts. Someone has taken time from his or her busy schedule to share some personal thoughts with you. And because of the permanence of a letter, it can be enjoyed over and over again.

If a letter is such a special gift, why do we write so few of them?
In an age when it’s so convenient e-mail, we see letter writing as a major event. We think that every letter or note must be a masterpiece. Yet when we receive a letter, we appreciate what was written and the thought that went into it, not how well it was written.

Simple Hints

Following are a few simple hints that can help you write your thank-you notes. Most of them simply require you to be yourself. Remember, the people to whom you’re writing want to hear from you. They want to hear that you received your gifts and that you appreciate them immensely.

Don't Worry About Style

Write your thank-you notes in a conversational style (i.e., write like you speak).

Don't Let Your Thank-you Obligations Pile Up
Write your thank-you note the day you receive your gift. Your notes will be fresher and will sound more sincere.

Just Write
Writer's block comes from thinking too much about style and substance. You know pretty much what you want to say. Just say it. And don't worry about repeating yourself. Everybody understands that it's impossible to write something original on each and every thank-you note. Besides, your thank-you notes are not going to be passed around and compared. Thank-you notes should be sent to everybody who sent you a gift or helped you with the wedding. If you ever wonder whether or not a situation calls for a thank-you note, stop wondering and send one.

Thank-You Note Tips

Your thank-you notes should be handwritten and may be brief. Since you write the thank-you notes yourself, sign the notes with just your name. You may sign just your first name when writing to those closest to you and your first, maiden and married names when writing to those who may need all three names to recognize you.

A thank-you note contains four basic parts:
1. A Greeting
Dear Aunt Kelly and Uncle Steven
2. A Note of Thanks:
The antique candlesticks that you gave us are beautiful. We really appreciate all the love that went into choosing them.
3. Mention of How Useful Their Gift Will Be
A place of honor has been reserved for them on our dining room table.
4. A Suggestion to See Them Soon
Nicholas and I plan on inviting you for dinner — and to admire our new candlesticks — as soon as we get settled in.

It's that simple.
Source - Crane's.com

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