Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Destination Wedding Planning

Wow, looking back on 2007, we have planned and executed 5 destination weddings. 5 isn't a big number, but 5 destination weddings is a big deal.
Just wanted to remind you we are passport ready and have added many locations we have visisted this past year:

Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Italy - several locations
Mexico - several locations
Turks Caicos
and now the Middle East!
And don't forget domestic travel all over the continental US.

Some things to consider when planning a destionation wedding:

1. Legal requirements to get married
2. How many people will really be able to join you?
3. Can you handle the stress of a destination wedding?

We have a questionairre / helpful hints document. Email us and we'll send it to you.

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allyJ said...

Jenn - you are so awesome. I can't wait to see the pictures from our wedding. Wasn't Barcelona just perfect? We decided we are going back for our anniversary. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

All our Love,
Allison & Jason